RAVE — Hibernate Bedding

RAVE — Hibernate Bedding

There are people who would spend more on a gym membership than they would on a bed—and do so without even blinking.

But if you could be happier and healthier by choosing a quality, organic mattress, where would you rather spend more time?

As the impact of our chemically laden everyday lives becomes more and more apparent, the demand for wholly organic and/or eco-friendly options is growing exponentially.

“Our customers understand quality,” says Scott Paladini, Hoboken resident and owner of Hibernate Bedding (720 Monroe Street). “We carry high-end products, but we’re not overpriced.”


Paladini’s family has been in the bedroom furnishing business for over a quarter-century. Realizing the importance of offering healthy sleep alternatives, he opened a shop in his native Bernardsville in 2012. With the company’s new location in the Monroe Center, he’s bringing a healthy night’s sleep here to Hoboken, where he now lives with his wife Anna.

“Most stores try to be everything to everyone,” says Paladini. “We don’t sell inferior products. We focus on higher quality, healthy options and follow through with superior customer service.”

With a complete line of mattresses, box springs, day beds, cribs, even pet beds—from brands like Organicpedic, SavvyRest and Nature’s Spa—Hibernate Bedding strives to bring natural, organic sleep to Hoboken’s sometimes-harsh concrete environment. Furthermore, Hibernate offers organic accessories, sheets or comforters—as well as a line of sustainable furniture designed specifically to fit in with the contemporary urban lifestyle.

A lot of stores in NYC may offer similar items, but when you can buy a big-ticket item like a mattress with New Jersey’s sales tax, you’re already sleeping easier.



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