RAVE: Scoot-E-Bikes — Scooters for Grown-Ups

RAVE: Scoot-E-Bikes — Scooters for Grown-Ups

(images courtesy of Raytroniks)

Cars, bikes, scooters, boards, strollers, joggers and pedestrians—all vie for share of space on Hoboken’s thoroughfares.

Enter Scoot-E-Bikes…


“This bike solves a lot of problems,” says Billy Jones of Raytroniks—the company behind Scoot-E-Bikes. Owned by hip-hop entertainer Ray-J, Raytroniks recently opened a pop-up store here in Hoboken at 256 Newark Street.

“Hoboken is an affluent, green-focused community with a strong bike culture—we knew it was the place we needed to be,” says Jones.

Scoot-E-Bikes go anywhere a bike goes, but are powered by a rechargeable lithium batter that runs the scooter at 15 mph for 30 miles per charge.

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“It’s a no-brainer for Hoboken,” says Jones. “The Scoot-E-Bike is perfect for anyone looking to get from Point A to Point B without breaking a sweat.”

Available for rent or for sale—with customizable options, Scoot-E-Bike can carry a payload up to 264 lbs, yet folds easily for storage.

To learn more about the vehicle that will have everyone buzzing, visit raytroniks.com, or stop by 256 Newark Street to see for yourself!

Authored by: hMAG