RAVE: URBAN COALHOUSE —  Coal-Fired & Crispy

RAVE: URBAN COALHOUSE — Coal-Fired & Crispy

Story and photos by Diana Schwaeble

When you say pizza in this town, everyone has an opinion about which is best. Hobokenites will have to add the Urban Coalhouse to their list of go-to places.

coalhouse menu

Located on the corner of Bloomfield and 14th, this friendly eatery offers options for people who want pizza, wings, and some adult beverages. Hobokenites love new, so I probably shouldn’t have been too surprised that the week of their soft opening the place was packed. There wasn’t a single bar stool available, but we were still able to get a table in minutes as the staff whisked in to clear tables as soon as people got up.

With exposed brick, a long bar, and tables throughout the dining room and in their outdoor café, the décor is simple, urban, and leaves room for the main event, which is of course, the pizza. All the pizzas are hand crafted and cooked in their coal-fired oven. Guests can opt for simple pies (personal, medium and large) and pick their own toppings or choose one of their artisan pies.

We opted for the “Don Gregorio,” a meat lover’s delight, topped with sausage, pepperoni and meatballs. In a word: spectacular. The crust was thin and crispy, and it was loaded with cheese and meat. What more could you want? We were full after two slices, but after another glass of wine, we managed to finish each delicious bite. They also offer coal-fired wings, a selection of salads, and appetizers. They have a full bar, a selection of craft cocktails, wine (by the bottle or glass), and craft beer (bottle or draft). Daily specials are available.

For more information, visit tommyscoalfiredpizza.com.

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Authored by: hMAG