SAY IT AIN’T SOUL: Hoboken Live Music Venue Northern Soul Shuttered

SAY IT AIN’T SOUL: Hoboken Live Music Venue Northern Soul Shuttered

Deeply disappointing news out of Hoboken tonight, as Northern Soul has gone dark.

From their facebook page:

“Okay folks its time to make this official…….. It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we have to announce the CLOSURE of your favorite Hoboken bar, Northern Soul, at 557 1st Street.

We have been in a legal dispute with our landlords (Liam and Margaret Benson) for the last year, as of yesterday (5/2/16) the court Marshall changed the locks on the door we have called home for the last 8 plus years. This was NOT our choice, we wanted to stay and continue serving the local Hoboken community. Unfortunately like many other fallen comrades of late, we simply could not meet financial demands required to stay. We have never once missed a rent payment or had any issues with neighbors or local authorities which makes it tougher being shut down so abruptly. We ran a respectful business and provided an important outlet for the local Arts and Music scene.

We would like to sincerely thank anyone and everyone that ever had a drink at our humble establishment, we appreciate every single last one of you. It truly was our faithful clientele (dogs included) that made the place so special.

Watch this space for more announcements in the near future. This is certainly not the end of the road and we look forward to serving you all again soon!

As the old saying goes……..Keep the faith ✊🏼”

A steadfast venue for Hoboken’s music scene, Northern Soul was way more than just a bar. Host of People’s Open Mic, The Last Waltz, and hundreds of other amazing live music shows, Northern Soul was a vital space for the sustenance of local live music.

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