SEIZE THE DECADE: Carpe Diem Hoboken Celebrates Ten Years

SEIZE THE DECADE: Carpe Diem Hoboken Celebrates Ten Years

“So wait… you’re opening a bar where?”

That’s what Carpe Diem‘s Joe Jones and Billy O’Hara heard time and again a decade ago, when they took over La Tartuferia on Hoboken’s northern fringe. This was pre-Pilsener Haus, pre-NoVia, pre-anything up in that part of town.


“People thought we were crazy coming up here,” said Jones, in an interview earlier this year. “Back then, nobody even knew there was anything up here.”

Of course the neighborhood is now one of Hoboken’s most sought-after locations—but it certainly didn’t happen overnight.

“The 2008 recession really set the clock back a bit, then of course there was Sandy after that,” said Jones.

But through thick and thin, Carpe Diem stayed true to its mission. While the character remains very much the same, the menu continues to represent contemporary tastes—going beyond a typical neighborhood joint to deliver that elusive something for everyone.


“We’ve always kind of done the same thing here, which is to show our customers a good time,” says Jones. “Over the years, however, our menu has certainly evolved—we pride ourselves on our beer, wine and cocktail pairings. With this growth up here, we have a lot of truly great customers. It’s a fun crowd—a more discerning crowd.”

After a decade of blood, sweat and beers, Carpe Diem invites friends they have and the friends they have yet to meet for a celebration this Saturday, September 17thDinner/Drink specials start at 5pm, the DJ goes on at 10pm and the party goes all night!

Don’t forget to try “The Best Wings in Hoboken”


Authored by: hMAG