THIS SHOW SHOULD BE PLAYED LOUD: White Eagle Hall Hosts “The Last Waltz”—Friday, November 16th

THIS SHOW SHOULD BE PLAYED LOUD: White Eagle Hall Hosts “The Last Waltz”—Friday, November 16th

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With so much talent in one room, it tends to get crowded. This year, this event finally gets the venue it deserves…

Originally performed on Thanksgiving Day in 1976, The Band’s legendary The Last Waltz show at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco included a jaw-dropping menu of special guests on stage to see them off as they ended their run.

Produced by ALEO Productions and presented by The Latest Noise, The Last Waltz at White Eagle Hall recreates that genuinely epic show in its entirety, representing more of a coming together than a farewell, as the who’s who of the contemporary Hudson County music scene unite to put on one hell of a show.

“It’s the perfect vessel—great music, great musicians, great songs, a horn section—for getting a bunch of talented musicians together to play together,” says Jaime DeJesus, who has been developing the concept of this show for its entire run.

We caught up with DeJesus, as the time for The Last Waltz draws near—Friday, November 16 at 8:00 p.m.—to discuss the five-year run of this production, which is now occupying its third venue. Last year’s show sold out the former Maxwell’s… two nights in a row.

hMAG: This marks five years of The Last Waltz here in Hudson County. What makes this one different, and what makes White Eagle Hall an ideal venue for this production?
Jaime DeJesus: There are many subtle and not-so-subtle differences, musically, throughout the entire show. These songs were constructed to be performed in a theater. It’s a serious thing for us to be able to understand and express each song’s fullest potential, sonically. Neil Young’s ‘Helpless’ is so anthemic; to be able to fill a theater with that sound is very much different than performing it in a smaller club where acoustics aren’t an option. The horns’ tones can really blossom in the acoustics of the room, too. The 3-part vocals! It’s very exciting and invigorating.

h: Did you imagine doing this every year for five years? How long do you see it lasting?
JDJ:From the beginning, I imagined doing it every year. The music is timeless. Not just that, tho – every single one of the cast and crew of this production are wonderful people, as well as artists. I love and value their friendships and enjoy spending time with all of them.

h: What’s the biggest challenge?
JDJ: Not making any mistakes with holding the entire production together. It’s a much bigger operation than in the past. We’re trying to promote widely enough to fill an 800 person venue. It’s much different than two sold out shows of 150/ea. That, along with setting up front/back of house things, lighting guy, chairs, VIP section, set design…and knowing and breathing my basslines and vocals! That’s why I am working with Kuz from The Latest Noise to hold onto half of the burden. We each have different things that we’re good at, and it gels nicely.

h: What’s the biggest reward?
JDJ: Maintaining a pocket of joy in the world

The Latest Noise Presents an ALEO Production of
Friday, November 16th
White Eagle Hall – 8:00 p.m.

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Authored by: hMAG