Stinky No More: S. Sullivan’s Goes Dark

Stinky No More: S. Sullivan’s Goes Dark

Ask any bar owner and they’ll tell you—EVERY bar is for sale.

S. Sullivan’s (600 Washington Street), known by many as “Stinky Sullivan’s,” had reportedly been on the block for awhile. Rumors of sale, closure, last-nights, etc. had been reverberating around town for awhile—but now it seems that the drinking lamp at Stinky’s is in fact out for good.

According to, the 44-year fixture in midtown Hoboken has been sold. The kitchen had been closed for awhile, and now the neon lights are out.

Even more rumors are circulating about what may or may not fill the place. Once the facts are known, we’ll be sure to share them.

Cheers, Stinky’s…

S. Sullivan's Photo

S. Sullivan’s Photo

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