Top 10 Things To Consider When Hiring A Dog Walker

Top 10 Things To Consider When Hiring A Dog Walker

by Heather Gaida—owner, Trusty Tails
photo by Shannon Locker

Hoboken life can be hectic. Between work, social life and running errands, there is often precious little time left to meet the full needs of the special furry one in your life. That
is why hiring a quality dog walker from a reputable company is so important. Every pet owner wants their dog walker to provide quality dog walks with lots of love and exercise for their pet. Here are the ten things to look for in a dog walking company:

1- Trustworthy: By hiring a dog walker you are letting someone into your home. Can you trust your walker around your house, family and valuables? Make sure you hire a dog walking company that does background checks on their employees.

2- Availability:
Do you have an ever changing, unpredictable schedule? Are you busy and need your pup walked on the weekends? If so ask your dog walker if they are accommodating to last minute requests and inquire on their availability on nights, weekends & holidays. Also is your dog walker responsive when it comes to answering/returning phone calls and emails? Something to definitely consider.

3- Properly Staffed: Many dog walking companies are small operations and henceforth are understaffed. Hiring from a company with an adequately sized staff ensures that your pet will never be left unwalked and that all your requests can be filled.

4- Knowledgeable: Make sure your dog walker is well informed about dogs. This includes dog behavior, basics of training, and well being.

5- Caring: Will your dog be picked up and stowed away in a car like a farm animal, driven around for hours picking up other dogs, and walked for only a couple of minutes? Or will your dog be treated to long quality walks around town and playtime at the dog park with some furry friends? Research and ask dog walkers how your pet will spend their time while they are out.

6- Insured: You wouldn’t drive without car insurance so make sure your pet & home are insured by your dog walking company. Accidents happen. It is better to have peace of mind knowing your dog walker is insured.

7- Experienced and Reputable: Dog walking is fun but far from easy. Hire a dog walker who has been a business for a considerable amount of time. Chances are they’ve seen it all and are ready to tackle any challenge or problem that comes their way.

8- Billing: Paper or Plastic. Do you hate having to remember to leave an envelope with cash at the end of the week? Many companies offer automatic online billing and invoicing for your convenience.

9- Amenities: It’s 2015. Dog walking has gone technological! Some dog walking companies offer GPS tracked dog walks with arrival and departure notifications.

10- Pricing: The old adage, “You get what you pay for,” rings truer than ever when it comes to dog walking. Be wary of discount dog walkers. You will save money but often at the expense of the happiness & well being of your furry loved one.

There you have it. We hope we’ve made it easier for you to hire your dog walker!

Authored by: hMAG

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