TRADER JOEBOKEN—Specialty Foods MegaChurch Gets Go-Ahead for Hoboken Store

TRADER JOEBOKEN—Specialty Foods MegaChurch Gets Go-Ahead for Hoboken Store

In what will be known in Hoboken lore as “the parting of the red tape,” specialty food chain Trader Joe’s has been granted approval for a modified plan to their long-rumored development of the property at 14th & Willow.

The plan initially submitted by the developers immediately revealed some significant shortfalls, with the large delivery trucks unable to safely access the loading docks on Clinton Street between 13th Street and 14th Street.

For its part, the City worked to secure the Trader Joe’s Hoboken location, proposing the removal of 24 parking spaces from 13th Street and Clinton Street in order to address pedestrian safety concerns and safely accommodate the turns of delivery trucks. The agreement would only apply for as long as Trader Joe’s occupies the space.

“Trader Joe’s is one of America’s favorite grocery stores, and I look forward to welcoming them to Hoboken,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “My Administration has worked to ensure that they can open in a way that their truck deliveries are safe for everyone, especially the seniors, families, and all residents who live nearby and walk in the neighborhood.”

In a special meeting of Hoboken City Council to address the issue, the plan passed unanimously.

“The city will have the right to make certain improvements and evaluate the intersection or any field condition within a two-year window (such as turning radius’ for trucks, other site improvements/changes, safety, etc.),” reports, adding that, “the overwhelming majority of public comment came out in broad support for the resolution and for Trader Joe’s.

Finally, Hoboken will get the organic chia bars it deserves.



Authored by: hMAG