hob’art Hosts “Visions” Multimedia Group Exhibition — Reception Sat., April 30

hob’art Hosts “Visions” Multimedia Group Exhibition — Reception Sat., April 30

“Visions,” a multimedia exhibition by Alberte Bernier, Miriam Untoria, Katie Duffy McGeehin, and Rich Roberts,will be open to the public from April 29 through May 22 at the hob’art gallery, Monroe Center of the Arts, 720 Monroe Street, E208, Hoboken, NJ.

“Visions” puts in perspective the premise that four different visions can be conceptualized as one, and that though each artist uses a different approach, their artwork may evoke similar sensitivities and emotions.

  • Alberte Bernier’s work is set in color contrasts that infuse intensity and tone, displaying a backdrop of multi-layered hues.
  • Miriam Untoria’s acrylic paintings and mixed media pieces revisit the figure as inspiration while continuing to explore the emphasis of colors and flowing shapes.
  • Katie Duffy McGeehin’s sculptures explore the effect of art interacting with the environment—instead of hanging on the wall, they climb it; instead of being placed on a pedestal, they dangle off of it.
  • Rich Roberts creates glass art on his own terms and conditions, while learning how to live with the terms and conditions required from fused glass materials.

The opening reception will be held on Saturday, April 30, from 6 to 8pm. On Sunday, May 15, at 3:30pm, the artists will discuss their work and will welcome questions from visitors.

Gallery information can be obtained on the website www.hob-art.org and from the director, France Garrido, 201-319-1504 or director@hob-art.org. The building entrance is on 8th Street between Monroe and Jackson streets. Free parking is available at the rear of the building on Jackson Street.

Authored by: hMAG