Council to Seek Further Input on Hoboken Yard Redevelopment Plan

Council to Seek Further Input on Hoboken Yard Redevelopment Plan

Hoboken has decided to hit the brakes and fully explore the opportunities for the Hoboken Yard Redevelopment Plan.

While a plan was initially approved in 2014, concern over proposed amendments—primarily traffic and parking, the environmental impacts of the building, and future development—has Hoboken residents familiar with the project asking for more time to evaluate the situation.

A meeting was held Tuesday night, which gave developers an opportunity to present their plans to the public. As a result of that meeting, members of the City Council indicated their desire to allow for more time to assess the changes.

Hoboken Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla, who was not present at that meeting, later stated that he agreed with that decision.

“The original Hoboken Yard Redevelopment Plan, passed by the Hoboken City Council in 2014, will help revitalize downtown Hoboken and provide for responsible development that does not threaten the character of our City,” said Bhalla. “The City Council amendment to this plan proposes to allow the development to incorporate flood protection as part of our critical $230 million flood protection through Rebuild by Design, which will protect Hoboken for the long term from storm surge. While I appreciate the proposed amendment to integrate the elements of Rebuild by Design into the plan by the City Council, it is clear that there must be additional time to incorporate the community feedback received by my office and at tonight’s meeting before a final vote can occur.”

Council President Jen Giattino explained why she felt more time was necessary.

“As elected representatives of Hoboken, it is our responsibility to listen to the concerns of residents and always vote on policies that are in the best interest of our city,” said Giattino. “When we ask for community feedback, we need time to digest the responses we receive to properly address the issues that are presented to us. One day, just 24 hours, is simply not enough time.”


Authored by: hMAG