Bear Partners with Good Sports to Donate $30,000 in Equipment to Jersey City Soccer Program

Bear Partners with Good Sports to Donate $30,000 in Equipment to Jersey City Soccer Program

Bear, a Hoboken-based e-commerce retailer of mattresses, pillows and sleep accessories designed to offer a cooler, healthier and more restorative sleep, announced a $30,000 equipment donation to Jersey City Recreation Department’s JCFA Travel Soccer Academy and Shoot for the Stars Recreation Soccer program.  The donation was unveiled last night at a free soccer clinic for Jersey City youth, and facilitated by Bear’s charitable partner Good Sports.

“As a Hudson County parent, I understand the significant role that free recreational sports programs play for families within the community,” said Scott Paladini, CEO and founder of Bear. “The benefits of leading a healthy, active lifestyle often extend far beyond the playing field. But before children can begin reaping those benefits, they first need the right tools and encouragement to give sports a try. We are proud to team up with Good Sports for the donation of this equipment, which will undoubtedly help strengthen JCFA and Shoot for the Stars’ free soccer programs for years to come.”

In January 2017 Bear pledged 1% of all net proceeds to Good Sports, a Boston-based non-profit organization. Over the past 14 years, Good Sports has worked with corporate partners, like Bear, to donate over $22 million worth of new sports and fitness equipment to various organizations committed to helping kids stay active.

Soccer Clinic

“Good Sports welcomes corporate partners that share in our goal of giving back to the community by supporting youth sports and recreational activities,” said Kelly Patterson, New York Market Director, Good Sports. “Bear has exceeded our partnership expectations, and we are proud to help facilitate this incredibly generous donation to such a deserving organization.”

The JCFA Travel Academy and Shoot for the Stars Recreation Soccer programs offer over 400 boys and girls ages 3-19 the opportunity to learn and enjoy the game of soccer in a fun, safe environment. The program is free for Jersey City residents, and also offers a “pathway to college” component for gifted student athletes who aspire to play soccer at the collegiate level and beyond.

The donation of $30,000 equates to over 1,200 pieces of new soccer equipment, including new soccer balls, agility ladders, shin guards, travel soccer goals and uniforms. Most notably, the donation will provide the tools needed to further the expansion of the all-girls soccer program.

“We are humbled by this generous donation, which couldn’t come at a better time,” said Daniel Ali, Director of JCFA Travel Soccer Academy and Shoot for the Stars Recreation Soccer. “We are heading into our fall season, and aiming to grow our girls program two-fold. On behalf of our department director, Mr. Kevin Williamson, the players, coaches and community, we’d like to thank Good Sports and Bear for their generosity.”

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