Jersey Girl Tells NY Post Writer To Go Home and Get His Shinebox

Jersey Girl Tells NY Post Writer To Go Home and Get His Shinebox

Some clickbater over at the New York Post has made the audacious claim that, “Women Are Not Capable of Understanding Goodfellas,” referring of course to the 1990 cinematic masterpiece, directed by Martin Scorsese.

“Women don’t get Goodfellas,” says Kyle Smith. “It’s not really a crime drama, like The Godfather. It’s more of a male fantasy picture—Entourage with guns instead of swimming pools, the Rat Pack minus tuxedos.”

Smith goes on to deduce that the film is essentially about “ball-busting,” and that women are incapable of appreciating that aspect.’s Cher Martinetti, who lives in New Jersey and has served hard time behind the bar right here in Hoboken, disagrees.

“Smith claims that women don’t understand the movie because they don’t understand the supposedly exclusively male art of ‘ball-busting,'” says Martinetti. “I’m not sure if it’s something in the diets of Italian children, maybe a secret ingredient in our grandmother’s sauce, or if it’s just part of our DNA that gives us this gift. But I can assure you, it’s one that is equally bestowed on both genders. Trust me.”

There are plenty of women who would agree. Most notably, Goodfellas star Lorraine Bracco:

So there you have it, Kyle… now go home and get your f***in’ shinebox.

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