FRONT & CENTER: Max Feinstein LIVE at Finnegan’s — FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22

FRONT & CENTER: Max Feinstein LIVE at Finnegan’s — FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22

Hoboken’s own Max Feinstein has made a reputation as a highly active side man and session musician. Performing live at Finnegan’s this Friday night, he looks to step into the spotlight and lead the charge.

“The mission of this gig is threefold,” says Feinstein, “to revisit my original music after letting it sit for half a decade and assert myself as a singer and frontman, to give Hoboken a taste of the way I’ve been doing things when I tour nationally, and to show my admiration for my friends in the local scene by performing some of their material.”

Speaking of those friends, the evening will include, “the ever popular Jaime DeJesus on bass, the resplendent Ty Tuschen on guitar, and my favorite man on the planet, my business partner and cohort, John Roccesano, on drums.”

18199558_10212863665850081_806388181682152118_nFeinstein’s intro to the Hoboken music scene came while working at Water Music in 2010, followed by the foundation of his own studio, Silver Horse Sound, with Roccesano in 2012. “From there we have made it our business to record and perform with anyone and everyone we could, and our service to the community of musicians has been a privilege and a thrill. The Hoboken music scene is becoming something quite special and robust with talented musicians as of late. Really awesome to watch and understand how it’s being cultivated. It’s a total love scene.”

Prominent among that scene is Finnegan’s, located at 734 Willow Ave.

“Finnegan’s is one of the reasons the scene is such a joy to be part of. [Owner] Eoin [Finnegan] is such a fan of music and not just what he brings to his bar. He believes in the local musicians and wants to make our scene the best it can possibly be.  Also, the grilled cheese is delicious. Try it with all the toppings!

Like many in the Hoboken scene, Feinstein is a very hard working musician. “You can catch me backing up anyone who will say yes,” he says, “but I’m devising more to do under my own name and this gig will be the research that helps me move forward with those designs.”

An Evening of Musical Antics with
Friday, September 22
Finnegan’s Pub
734 Willow Ave.

Authored by: hMAG