WINTER WEATHER WATCH: ‘Consider’ Buying Beer… Soon

WINTER WEATHER WATCH: ‘Consider’ Buying Beer… Soon

Here at, we’ve made a promise not to cry “wolf” (or “polar bear”) when it comes to winter weather.

Obviously media outlets have pent-up frustration from this year’s relatively mild winter, so the only sure thing in a forecast is a lot of scary verbiage and hyperbole. All that said, there IS a potential storm on our radar for this weekend.

Can You Dig It? Hoboken Snow Removal Underway


It’s looking increasingly likely that a “significant winter storm” may start to take shape—one that could deliver high-impact snowfall ranging from 5-12 inches to parts of the Northeast.

Here’s the tricky part for Hoboken—according to meteorologists, “Depending on the track, intensity and duration of the storm, we could also see coastal flooding and strong, gusty winds. With a full moon this weekend tides will already be running high, which could worsen the impacts should any coastal flooding occur.” image image

We’ll be monitoring this as it develops. In the meantime, consider the fundamentals.

-have a shovel handy
-get some salt for the sidewalks
-get some food in the house (delivery may not be an option…)
-get beer… soon

You’ve been warned. Bottoms up.

Authored by: hMAG