THE WORST: Hoboken Roadwork Begins on Washington Street’s Toughest Stretch

THE WORST: Hoboken Roadwork Begins on Washington Street’s Toughest Stretch

(ABOVE: Photo by Barry Grossman)

Soon we may be able to swing by Hoboken Bagel (634 Washington) without risking significant axle damage…

We stopped by there yesterday and wondered aloud, “when are they finally going to fix this [expletive] street?” Our answer came a few hours later, when the City of Hoboken announced a little after noon on Sunday that milling and paving between 4th & 8th Sts. on Washington would begin Monday morning.

The portion of Hoboken’s has been THE WORST over the past few years. It’s a pockmarked moonscape that has wreaked havoc on the undercarriage of even the heartiest of SUVs. It also famously swallowed the front end of a compact back in February. According to local forums, doctors have advised pregnant mothers not to ride down this street—which also happens to be the main commercial thoroughfare for a dynamic, First World, urban metro community.

So we’re happy to see the work move forward.

According to the City:

“Bus schedules and routes will remain the same on Monday and Tuesday as milling is completed. Beginning Wednesday, pending good weather, paving will start and alternate bus routes will be implemented.

Alternate Route from Hoboken Terminal into Port Authority: Bus will leave Terminal and head north on Bloomfield until 11th Street, turn left onto 11th and then a right onto Willow Ave. and finish the route into NYC.

Alternate Route from Port Authority to Hoboken Terminal: Buses will follow normal route to Washington Street until 11th street, where the bus will turn on Hudson Street and head south until reaching the Terminal.

**Willow Ave. Line will remain without any changes**”

While the news is most certainly welcome, it comes after an uncertain weekend for traffic and transit in town—which saw construction clogging the southern end of town, while the PATH Trains were shut down for repairs.

We’ll do the best we can to keep pace with all the changes as they happen. If you ARE attempting to leave the house over the next few days, maybe check with us first?


Authored by: hMAG