A&P on the Selling Block — Who Should Come Into Hoboken?

A&P on the Selling Block — Who Should Come Into Hoboken?

A&P Supermarkets, one-time titan of the grocery trade, has rested on its laurels a bit too long, causing them to become wilted and discolored, like overripe produce. Now, they’re filing for bankruptcy.

The future of the Hoboken store at 614 Clinton lies in the balance. ACME Markets has announced that it will seek to acquire stores in the Northeast region, while A&P will accept other bids between now and September 11, 2015.

This leaves the door open for some fantastic possibilities here in Hoboken…

There has always been talk of a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods coming to town. Meanwhile, resident Sean Iaquinto has started an online petition inviting Wegmans Supermarkets to open a store here in Hoboken.

Wegmans - like Disney World, with fresh produce...

Wegmans – like Disney World, with fresh produce…

Per Iaquinto’s stirring proposal:

“When Robert Wegman in 1950 decided his goal was to build the finest supermarket chain in the land he knew that meant Wegmans wouldn’t be the fastest-growing company. Wegmans chose carefully where to expand over the years and I know that Hoboken, NJ would be the perfect place for a Wegmans.

First, you have 50,000 people who live in one square mile of Hoboken, NJ. Your customer density would be overwhelming. Secondly, consider the demographics of Hoboken (as of 2009). Median household income is $105,710. Median value of owner-occupied housing units is $572,300. This is a city that is ready for a upscale supermarket that targets the proper demographic.

Upon hearing that a Wegmans plans to open its first NYC store in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, I believe the slow and controlled expansion of other Wegmans will be on the horizon. I, and other citizens of Hoboken, implore you to open a new Wegmans in Hoboken with this petition.”


We here at hMAG (particularly those of us writing this post, who grew up in Central New York and were raised under the banner of House Wegman) vigorously applaud Iaquinto’s passion.

Question is… what would YOU like to see at the A&P?

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  1. Tiffanie Fisher at 4:10 pm

    Having grown up in Rochester, worked at Wegmans in high school, and received a small scholarship from Wegmans for college tuition…. I am totally in the Wegmans For Hoboken bandwagon!

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