Fridays Are For Frank — “Summer Wind”

Fridays Are For Frank — “Summer Wind”

With music by Heinz Meier and lyrics by Johnny Mercer, “Summer Wind” was first recorded by Wayne Newton in 1965.

The following year, Frank Sinatra took a crack at it for his Strangers in the Night album. After that, it belonged to him.

When it comes to genuinely uplifting songs—the kind that make you stop in your tracks, sit back and simply savor the music—it’s hard to beat Sinatra singing “Summer Wind.”

No matter how badly life has you down, the gentle caress of a “Summer Wind” will take you to your happy place. Don’t believe us? Just ask Martin Prince.

Have a good weekend, Hoboken.
Whether you’re headed DTS or strolling along the Pier, be sure to stop and enjoy the “Summer Wind”…

Authored by: hMAG

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