Hoboken A&P Formally Announces Layoffs While Bankruptcy Proceedings Continue

Hoboken A&P Formally Announces Layoffs While Bankruptcy Proceedings Continue

According to the State of New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Hoboken’s A&P will be laying off 104 workers on November 26—Thanksgiving Day.

However, the WARN Notice could be just a formality. While the company did in fact announce its filing for bankruptcy, efforts are currently ongoing to secure a deal with another organization.

The Hoboken store is “covered by the agreement” with Acme Markets, which is subject to bankruptcy court approvals, following A&P’s Chapter 11 filing on July 19, 2015—including the potential for higher bids to be submitted and anti-trust approval. A&P has asked for others to submit their bids by September 11, hoping to conclude sale of the stores by October 15, 2015.

Yet it remains unclear what all of that actually means to the 104 employees currently facing layoffs on November 26.

A phone call to the 614 Clinton Street location referred hMAG to an A&P Media Hotline, where they declined to comment on record.

Given the background information, ideally the layoff notification was a simple formality of the bankruptcy process. The transfer of the Hoboken location to Acme or any other organization prior to the date given for the layoffs would potentially alleviate the loss of jobs.

Meanwhile, Hoboken’s A&P currently remains open and staffed. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on what’s to come.


Authored by: hMAG