Hoboken Celebrates the 105th Annual St. Ann’s Festival

Hoboken Celebrates the 105th Annual St. Ann’s Festival

(photo by Vito Zarrillo)

A summer tradition like no other, the St. Ann’s Feast is underway here in Hoboken.

As former hMAG Editor Noelle Tate stated in her feature for last year’s event, “Many could not imagine Hoboken without this yearly gem—without the feast and the music and the unimaginably delicious zeppole, of course. However, what’s special about this festival runs much deeper than entertainment and food—those extras are just the icing on this beautiful time for the church. The joyful festivities stem from a prayerful nine day novena for St. Ann, the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary and grandmother of Jesus, and rejoins those who have been part of this celebration over the years.”

While the novena has been going on since last Friday, the festival is ready to get into full swing.

CLICK HERE for more info, and we’ll see you in line for the zeppole…

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