HOBOKEN HILTON: Waterfront Hotel Near Train Station Back On Track

HOBOKEN HILTON: Waterfront Hotel Near Train Station Back On Track

Earlier this evening, Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla announced that the Hoboken Hilton project—the long-rumored plan for a new Waterfront hotel here in Hoboken—will move ahead, with KMS Development Partners coordinating the construction.

In March of 2017, the City proposed a redevelopment plan for the Hoboken Post Office Rehabilitation Area that includes the construction of a large-scale hotel—while still preserving the Post Office as an historic landmark.

Since then, KMS had been working with the city to finalize the plans. When concerns materialized over the impact that such a structure would have on the sunlight feeding Pier A Park, KMS conducted studies of the shadows. In an exclusive meeting with hMAG last December, it was demonstrated that the Wiley Building, which sits adjacent to proposed hotel, already casts significant shadows on the park. The added impact of the hotel appears to be minimal.

“This project will bring a world-class hotel to the City of Hoboken for the benefit of residents and visitors alike ,” said Mayor Bhalla.  “When I ran for Mayor I promised any hotel would be consistent with the height and scale of the Hoboken’s south waterfront, and with the character and charm of our community.  I’m very pleased that KMS agrees and I look forward to working with the City Council to move this project forward.”

While the city’s waterfront already boasts the W Hotel two blocks to the north, the new Hoboken hotel plan will also bring infrastructure upgrades, sidewalks (which currently do not exist in this location), and increased parking to an area of town that sits right on Hoboken’s front stoop—an area that many feel is currently in need of some cosmetic attention.

“We would like to thank Mayor Bhalla, his Administration and the Members of the City Council for their help in moving this project forward. We would also like to thank our friends and supporters in the Hoboken community who have also played an integral role in advocating for this project. Because of this collaborative effort, we now have the opportunity to build a new hotel on the waterfront that all Hoboken residents can be proud of and deliver on the myriad of financial and community benefits that the hotel will create,” said Dennis Martin, Principal at KMS Development Partners.

Further details on the project will be disclosed at a press conference this coming Tuesday, where the Mayor will be joined by Freeholder Anthony Romano, Hoboken City Council Members and Fund For A Better Waterfront (FBW)—who has long been supportive of this plan.

“The hotel proposed behind the Post Office, facing the waterfront, will animate and greatly improve what is now a bleak site, with poor pedestrian access to Pier A Park,” said FBW Executive Director Ron Hine last March. “The hotel proposed by KMS will be a great addition to the south waterfront, replacing a bleak view of the rear of the Post Office with a new building and greatly improved streetscape.”

Hopefully the press conference will offer further details in terms of timelines for construction and ultimately the opening.

“This project represents what the future of responsible urban development will look like – government, business and labor working together for one common goal that brings tax ratables, infrastructure investment and community benefits directly to Hoboken. Thank you to the Mayor, Council Members and KMS for working hand-in-hand to make this a reality,” said Greg Lalevee, Business Manager, IUOE Local 825

Authored by: hMAG