Hoboken Musicians to Reclaim the Stage at Maxwell’s on Saturday

Hoboken Musicians to Reclaim the Stage at Maxwell’s on Saturday

Shaking off the controversy and diving headlong into the Metro Area live music scene, Maxwell’s continues to reassert itself as a viable venue.

Coming off a very busy weekend of SOLD OUT shows, the back room plays host to a trio of Hoboken bands this Saturday night with Davey and the Trainwreck, the Fave and the Rob Nicholas Band.

Part folk rock, part southern rock, and part country, Davey & the Trainwreck are a group of friends who met and hung in Hoboken long before getting together to form a band. With songs written and sung by David Calamoneri, Bill Hamilton tearing up the guitar, Tommy Costagliola behind the drums, and special guest Jaime De Jesus (of Casey & the Dirty Water Dogs, Liam Brown & the Pounds, the Hoboken Last Waltz) holding it down on the bass, the Trainwreck is ready to roll in and rock this Saturday Night.

Energetic is the best word to describe The Fave, who offer dynamic original songs with firm classic rock roots. Lead signer Jaime Rose Della Fave puts forth powerful lead vocals, often in tandem with brother Dominick’s vocals and guitar.

“We are home grown, born and raised, except for (guitarist) Dave Entwistle. We are playing with a new bass player, Damien Marrienuchi. Tonight will be a celebration of friends and it will be a party.”

Singer/songwriter Rob Nicholas will also take the stage, in what will be a sort of homecoming for a number of Hobokenites who are anxious to see what the “new” venue has in store.

“The fact that it’s Dominick Della Fave (of the Fave), Rob Nicholas, and Chuck Tumulty’s (of Lloyd United, Liam Brown & the Pounds) birthday party will make it all the more fun,” says Calamoneri. “Dom, Rob, and Chuck will also be performing Saturday night. It’s gonna be a party—good friends, good music, good times.”

Tickets are $7 online, $10 at the door.

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