Hoboken Pizza Derby — TODAY

Hoboken Pizza Derby — TODAY

Has your weekend been rained out? Not to worry, there’s plenty of fun to be had at the 7th Annual Hoboken Pizza Derby—a race between pizza delivery joints, with each pie judged not only on speedy arrival, but also on temperature, crust, sauce, cheese… and of course deliciousness.

Waves of Pizzas are ordered simultaneously. As the arrivals come in they record the delivery time. The Heat Troll administers the infra-red heat gun to gauge arrival temperature. As in previous years, everyone gets a scoring sheet which lists ALL the pies we are ordering.

Score as many as you taste in categories of:

  • consistency of crust
  • tastiness of sauce
  • freshness of toppings
  • flavor of cheese.

It’s a friendly competition, even when the delivery people bump into each other at the front gate! Pizza, beverages, and dessert are all included for a suggested donation of $30 per adult and $12 per child—with the Family Pass at $60.00.

Meanwhile, there are cartoons, popcorn, raffle items and live music, plus beer and wine, all taking place inside the cozy Community Church of Hoboken at 600 Garden Street. Proceeds benefit the church’s renovation fund and the Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse.


Authored by: hMAG