Hoboken Woman Gives Birth in Lincoln Tunnel

Hoboken Woman Gives Birth in Lincoln Tunnel

A Hoboken woman reportedly went into labor in the Lincoln Tunnel yesterday during rush hour, giving birth upon emerging on the Manhattan side.

According to Patch, PAPD received a call at 5:25 pm Monday evening and arrived on the scene to see a rather excited Uber driver waving them down.

PAPD Officers Michael Principe and Stephen Corrigan comforted the mother while Tunnel and Bridge Senior Agent Greg Nimmo assisted with the delivery of the child. This was actually Nimmo’s second time delivering a baby while working in the Tunnel.

Mother and newborn daughter were transported to St. Luke’s/Roosevelt Hospital.

FDNY Lt. Rezaur Rahman told the New York Daily News, “The best was seeing the baby.She started breathing right away and crying. That was a very joyous moment. Everyone was high-fiving.”

“It’s great to see a life born… We see people in their last moments all the time,” Rahman said. “But this is the beginning.”

Authored by: hMAG