THE LATEST NOISE: Live at White Eagle Hall, with Black Flamingos, Collective Man, Diap, and the Silver Horse Sound Showcase—FRIDAY, APRIL 27th

THE LATEST NOISE: Live at White Eagle Hall, with Black Flamingos, Collective Man, Diap, and the Silver Horse Sound Showcase—FRIDAY, APRIL 27th

On a chilly winter night in December of 2017, the vaulted, stained-glass rotundas of White Eagle Hall barely contained the crackling, alchemical energy of some of Hoboken and Jersey City’s most established live acts at the first The Latest Noise Live! and the sweaty, undulating human mass of the nearly 500 people who came to see them, from bursting high above Newark Ave and into the Jersey City night.

Mike Kuzan at White Eagle Hall (via The Latest Noise)

On April 27th, Mike Kuzan, under the banner of his promotional outfit, record label, local artist community engine, The Latest Noise, will look to build on that effort by leaning into the elements that made the first outing special, while featuring an all new and specially curated lineup.

“A lot of that first White Eagle Hall show’s acts were more experienced and established, so it was a showcase of what I consider some of the best music the scene has to offer” says Kuzan.

“This time around it’s a different energy, there’s more focus on artists who have made big leaps in their song craft and live performances over the last couple years.”

Black Flamingos (via facebook)

Diap (via facebook)

The Latest Noise’s various local open mics, quarterly artist mixtapes and regular live showcases, in addition to a newly launched seminar series on artist development and booking gigs, have helped serve as an effective platform for those artists.

“Two of the bands performing, Collective Man and Diap (formally The Impaired), played the first show I ever booked at Maxwell’s in Hoboken,” says Kuzan. “Black Flamingos kick off the show. They are this incredible instrumental band that have recently toured California and are opening up for the lengardary Dick Dale later this summer. You’re going to want to get there at 8pm and catch every minute of music.”

“I try to play my part in it all, but this whole community is so supportive. That’s also where Silver Horse Sound comes in.”

Collective Man (via facebook)

Owned and operated out of Hoboken’s Chambord Building by Max Feinstein, John Roccesano and Benjamin Scott, Silver Horse Sound is a recording studio, practice space and creative lab for the local music scene.

“The fact that everybody is getting the recordings out there, the live stuff, the music videos, The Latest Noise mixtapes, people from outside the bubble can find it” says Rocessano. “In general, one of the reasons I love running Silver Horse with my buddies here, is that we are capturing this moment and there is something really special happening here.”

“This is about pushing the idea of what a night of music can mean as an experience,” adds Kuzan. “When you walk through those doors, you’re actively supporting and participating in an artist community that is constantly collaborating with each other in all these different configurations, which you’ll see. These are people you interact with every day, these are your neighbors. Come out and support your scene—it’s going to be something special.”

(feat. Ross Sandler & The Love Network. Terra Electric, Project BWQ, Viktor.Digital, Brian Lawrey, Kirk & Kuz, Brendan Hartnett & Liam Brown)
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