Liberty State Park Vulnerable to Development After Bureaucratic Land-Grab

Liberty State Park Vulnerable to Development After Bureaucratic Land-Grab

Two things that make life in Hudson County more enjoyable—the PATH, and Liberty State Park.

We’ve all heard about the cuts to overnight PATH service found near the back of Governor Cuomo‘s and Governor Christie‘s proposal to overhaul the Port Authority.

Now, in a similarly understated stroke of the pen, a provision is in place that leaves Jersey City’s Liberty State Park open to potential development.

In his article for the Jersey City Independent, writer Jack Silbert outlines a bill presented on December 15 that would, “shift oversight of Liberty State Park from the Department of Environmental Protection to the newly formed Meadowlands Regional Commission.”

A second version of the bill, amended the week before Christmas, saw the insertion of a rather serpentine, Orwellian paragraph that would allow the commission to, “evaluate, approve and implement any plan or plans for the further preservation, development, enhancement or improvement of Liberty State Park.

The sponsor of the bill, Assembly Speaker Vincent Pietro, claims there’s nothing to worry about.

Sam Pesin, president of the advocacy group Friends of Liberty State Park, disagrees—calling for immediate public action.

For more on this story—specifically what you can do to help—please check out Silbert’s article in the Jersey City Independent.

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