RAVE: What’s In The Box??? — Happy Box Store

RAVE: What’s In The Box??? — Happy Box Store

by Christopher M. Halleron / images via Happy Box Store

“There is a consumer trend of customization right now, given rise by e-commerce options out there, as well as the ‘on-demand economy,” says Hannah Redmond. “Consumers can get pretty much anything they want, when they want it, and how they want it.”

That trend inspired her and her sister Ariel to start up Happy Box Store, a Hoboken-based gift-box service that offers occasion-based and custom gifts for friends and family.

“Ariel is a Creative Director for an ad agency in Manhattan—she has a great eye for design! The occasions and designs are researched and tested to a group of people in our target audience. And then honestly, we test when online and in market. We are constantly evolving our box types and designs to answer to consumer needs and feedback.”

Their boxes—such as “Birthday Box,” “Break Up Box,” and “Hangover Box”—are, “full of fun goodies that, when sold separately, might not be gift-worthy or interesting,” says Redmond, “but when packaged together, make perfect sense and create a well-thought out, useful gift.”


Authored by: hMAG