Whoa… It Snowed

Whoa… It Snowed

Yes, we received frozen precipitation overnight.

However, what was a Snoboken Winter Wonderland from about 4 a.m. to sunrise has already turned into a gruelish, sloppy mess. It seems the window for actually enjoying the snow this year is getting smaller.

While areas north and west are facing legit snowfall, Hoboken weather this winter has been kind of spiteful—when it’s cold, it’s just bitter cold; when it snows, it tends to warm just enough to create the dreaded “Wintry Mix.”

That said, today’s precipitation will continue to fall in the liquid form, creating slushpools on the roads and sidewalks. Should temperatures dip enough later tonight, all that nasty slush could freeze over, making for an icy situation tonight into tomorrow.


Shovel your sidewalk (clear the slush before it freezes)
Salt your sidewalk (prevent that slush from turning into an icy deathtrap)
Clear off your vehicle now (it’s infinitely easier to remove snow/slush before it refreezes)

Authored by: hMAG

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