Barsky Gallery Presents Ilias Muratov Exhibition—Opening Saturday

Barsky Gallery Presents Ilias Muratov Exhibition—Opening Saturday

Barsky Gallery will present the work of Ilias Muratov, marking the Russian-born artist’s return to an area that has had so much influence on his style.

“Having grown up in St Petersburg and currently traveling the world, the mixing of vast experiences of my life feed my painting,” says Muratov. “The ability to manipulate oil paint and watercolor is the core of my work; abstraction, vibrant color, movement of the paint and shifting scale all come into play. I crave space, and I am intrigued by how space can be open, compressed, complex, grand and intimate, and sometimes all within the same image.”

With the collapse of the traditional system of the Soviet Union, Muratov made his move to the United States and became an avid follower of the modern American abstract expressionist movement; under its influences, he continues his search for new styles and techniques.

Now splitting time between St. Petersburg and New York, his works were applauded by private collectors and corporate America alike—such worldwide conglomerates as SONY Music, Motorola, American Express, Pearson Publishing, etc. His commissions include a series of CD covers for Sony Music, advertising for Motorola and American Express. His paintings adorn many corporate headquarters in Manhattan and works were purchased by a number of corporate and private collectors from France, Germany, USA, Hong Kong, Japan, Spain, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to experience this incredible exhibition of his work – oils on canvas, watercolors on paper, and miniature framed sketches of erotica and the female form.

The exhibition at Barsky Gallery (49 Harrison Street) will open Saturday, April 25th with a reception for the artist from 6:00 – 9:00 pm. The exhibition will run through Sunday, May 31st.

(images via Barsky Gallery)

Ilias Muratov

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