D’s Soul Full Café Returns to 918 Willow — SATURDAY

D’s Soul Full Café Returns to 918 Willow — SATURDAY

A devastating fire in an upstairs apartment at 918 Willow displaced a number of Hoboken residents on New Year’s Day. The business on the ground floor, D’s Soul Full Café, sustained massive smoke and water damage, forcing them to close their doors indefinitely.

But you can only keep a good thing down for so long.

Coming off their most successful year ever in 2014, D’s Soul Full Café is ready to get back into the game. More than just a sandwich shop, D’s had become a vital asset to the local arts and music scene.

They look forward to reasserting themselves in that role, as well as bringing back their downright tasty menu with a combination of old favorites and a few new innovations.

Set to open Saturday, July 18, a plethora of local artists and musicians will be on hand to help them kick things off throughout their opening weekend.

Welcome back, D’s Soul Full Café—you’ve been sorely missed.

D’s Soul Full Café
918 Willow Avenue


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