Dude, Move Your Car…

Dude, Move Your Car…

As the City of Hoboken continues to hack away at the snow that did fall Monday/Tuesday, we remind you that it is important to move your car during the assigned street-cleaning time frame, so that plows and backhoes can get in there and do the job well.

(ABOVE: City of Hoboken photo)

Otherwise you’ll get a ticket, and your neighbors will get this impassable lump of frozen crap in the middle of their block, making parking even more of a headache.

Meanwhile, with temperatures flirting with the freezing mark later today, tomorrow and Friday, you can do a lot to assist in the snow clearing process by taking two minutes out of your life and grabbing a shovel to break up the impassable lump of frozen crap in front of your house. The increase in exposed surface area will expedite the the melting process, and eventually that thing will go away.

So pitch in, join the fight and do your part for Mother Hoboken…

"It takes a village..."

“It takes a village…”

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