Fridays Are For Frank: (Father’s Day Edition) “Something Stupid”

Fridays Are For Frank: (Father’s Day Edition) “Something Stupid”

No one is going to try to argue that Frank Sinatra was a model husband.

He left Nancy for Ava Gardner, only to have that marriage explode in his face. Then there was the Mia Farrow experiment, before finally finding long-term happiness with his wife Barbara.

“But through it all, when there was doubt,” Frank was by and large portrayed as a loving father. Throughout his career he remained focused on improving life for his children… at least the ones he knew about:









All joking aside, life wasn’t perfect. Being a celebrity of Frank’s caliber, and temperament, strains would certainly occur. Yet Frank seemed to do what he could to be there for Nancy, Tina and Frank Jr.—and they seemed to appreciate him for it.

The parenting lessons from Frank are pretty straightforward. When it’s all said and done, if you genuinely care for your children, they will love you unconditionally—even when you do “Something Stupid.”

Here’s Frank with his daughter Nancy…

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