Khaled Dajani

Story By Melissa Colangelo

Photos Courtesy of Meany Fest

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Local band Khaled & The Naguals formed around 2008 when lead singer Khaled Dajani went into a studio to record Luci. During the recording process he met bass player Gil who introduced him to drummer, Andres. They instantly clicked both musically and personally. After touring and making web, radio and TV appearances they released their album Luci. The album is comprised of 11 tracks revolving around themes of temptation. The band has adopted the term alternative world fusion to describe their sound. It’s rock with Spanish, Middle Eastern and electronic elements. The world influence comes from Khaled’s Palestinian background. He grew up in the Middle East where many people listen to Spanish music. The band performed at the 2013 Hoboken Music Awards where they won the award for “Best Music Video.” They are currently writing new songs and are considering renaming the band. For now, they are happy playing. “There are not many times when we can go out and support each other. This is one night when we get to see each other play. It was about getting on stage, having fun and showing our friends what we do.” Dajani said.


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