by Christopher Halleron / images by Aaron Houston

Brad Finkel has been an unofficial brand ambassador for Hoboken since he left for college.

“I used to live on 2nd & Willow Street, and I’d have people asking me all the time to grab them some mutz or some bread,” says Finkel. “I wondered why all these people would ask for the same thing, and I realized I could make a business out of it.”

So he started taking the best that Hoboken had to offer and bringing it on the road.

“We started out doing a couple of Farmers’ Markets here and there,” says Finkel. “I’d get 50 pounds of mutz from Piccininni’s Salumeria (formerly at 6th & Park) and 50 baguettes from Dom’s.”

Eventually Finkel had to up the orders, and ended up hiring staff just to cover the markets.

Then he decided to enter the sauce business, to critical acclaim—named “TOP PICK IN THE COUNTRY” by the Wall Street Journal.

Hoboken Farms’ “Big Red” (Marinara), “Big Boss” (Vodka) and “Big Basil” all feature “The Golden Halo”—a generous amount of olive oil for balance and mouthfeel.

“It’s important that this sauce represents the town I love,” says Finkel.


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Authored by: hMAG